10 Helpful Tips to Follow During the Mortgage Process

10 Helpful Tips to Follow During the Mortgage Process

1. Do disclose all potential problems with regard to employment history, credit and income as well as other sources of fu

nds. Tell the loan officer everything so that we can better service your needs. We are on your side and knowledge is our tool to help you overcome what ever the problem may be.

2. Do disclose all income and all debts. You will empower the loan officer to select ideal programs for you with this information.

3. Do quickly provide all documentation requested by your loan officer.

4. Do ask questions as we move through the process. We enjoy providing details and want you to feel informed and comfortable.

5. Don’t change jobs or employment status during the application process. Your new position may have a probationary period and many lenders will not use your new income in the income calculation until that period has ended.

6. Don’t make large transfers between accounts unless necessary and then only if you can thoroughly document the transaction.

7. Don’t consolidate debt without consulting your loan officer.

8. Don’t fail to disclose alimony and child support or other income sources.

9. Don’t purchase “big ticket” items such as cars, furniture or major appliances while the application is in progress.

10. Don’t apply for new credit during the application process. Additional credit applied for or added to your current debt could limit the programs you qualify for.

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